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Our approach.

We provide Specialist Lease Finance for Landlords looking to purchase furniture, helping you to retain their precious capital in order to accelerate the growth of YOUR property business!

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Why lease finance?

“Why should I Lease my furniture instead of buying it” you may be thinking. Here are the top three reasons why our clients
choose to use leasing as an alternative to buying.

Tax Benfits

Your monthly lease payments can be claimed as a revenue expense rather than capital expenditure, and can be offset against corporation tax generating you a healthy tax saving.

Retain Capital

We understand the importance of retaining capital and utilising what you have effectively. Asset finance releases capital that would otherwise be tied up in a depreciating asset and allows you to pay the lease payments with the revenue generated from the property.

Affordable Payments

Rather than having to pay out large sums of capital, Asset Finance will allow you to pay an affordable amount each month over a period of time. Erasing the worry of finding additional capital.

Our mission is to help investors utilise capital and continue to invest smart.

General questions.

do you charge a fee for your services?

We do not charge you a fee for our services, we our paid a commission by the Lender at the inception of the Lease.

can i get leasing after I've bought the furniture?
Yes you can there are options available. We can potentially look at financing your furniture up to 6 months after you have purchased the assets.
How long does it take for a decision?
Once we have all your information back and put your application in, you will receive a decision within 72 hours.
Do you supply furniture?
We don’t supply furniture. Although we have suggested suppliers we work with. When enquiring mention you are looking for potential suppliers.
Do I qualify?
To qualify there is a minimum spend of £2,000, and you must operate within an Limted Company or LLP.

Call Us Today:

01270 443510

Do I qualify?

Minimum Spend

You must spend more than a minimum of £2000.00 (ex VAT) to qualify.

LLP or Limited Company

Your property business must operate within one of the above entities.

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