Broadcast and Media

Ever Evolving

Broadcasting and media is a forever evolving sector with new equipment and digital platforms coming out regularly. 

The Benefits

Equipment can be expensive, purchasing everything that you need outright could have repercussions on your cashflow. 

No Upfront Fees

We won’t charge you any upfront fees. This can give you the freedom to receive a decision in principal without having to make any financial commitments prior to you exploring your options.

Broadcast and Media Equipment Finance – what is it?

Having the right equipment can be quite important and paying that little bit more can mean higher quality pictures, crisper sound and brighter lighting. However, paying that little bit extra can mean that you’re over budget or you may not be able to get everything that you need at once, so you need to purchase your equipment one at a time over a couple of months.

Whilst a finance facility will allow you to purchase everything that you need at once, some lenders even offer no upfront payments. As you’ll be paying monthly installments, you may be able to opt for the more expensive equipment and make affordable payments each month.

Finance Example:

If LED lighting, screen projector, camera and video editing software totals to £12,000. A lease finance facility with an interest rate of 1.36% over a three year term would cost you £428.33 per month without any upfront cost.

If you were to make a payment upfront for the equipment, it will decrease your monthly costs.

This may be a more affordable monthly cost for your business and leave you with more working capital. Another benefit when you choose to go down the leasing finance option is that you can take advantage of tax benefits.

You can use our payment calculator to see how much it would cost you each month. 

What Broadcast and Media Equipment can you get on finance?

  • LED lighting
  • TV & Broadcasting equipment
  • Recording equipment
  • AV equipment
  • Projectors
  • Screens
  • Sound Systems
  • Photography Equipment
  • Telephone Systems
  • Microphones
  • Plus much more

What type of finance facility is available?

Leasing – Seen more of a ‘rental’, you pay for the asset each month and at the end of the agreement period, you can extend the lease, upgrade or swap the asset or return the asset.

Hire purchase – Funding offers a way to purchase new assets and once the agreement period has ended and all contracted instalments have been paid, you usually own the asset at the end

Business loan – Probably the most known finance, typically used to fund expansion and investment plans.

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