Furniture Finance


We provide Specialist Lease Finance for Landlords looking to purchase furniture.

Retain Capital

Helping you to retain precious capital in order to accelerate the growth of your property business.

No Upfront Fees

We won’t charge you any upfront fees. This can give you the freedom to receive a decision in principal without having to make any financial commitments prior to you exploring your options.

How can furniture lease finance help you as a property investor?

Furniture Lease Finance allows you to make affordable monthly payments, take advantage of tax benefits and retain capital.

For example, if you acquire over 10 properties that require furnishing with an average cost of approx. £,6000 per house that is £60,000 worth of capital you are required to spend on furniture alone.

If you were to go down the lease finance route, you can break the costs down into affordable monthly payments over 36 months at an annual interest rate from 1.36% – which roughly works out to £2,141.57. Then split that monthly cost over your ten properties, it will roughly be around £215.00 per property.

Another benefit of furniture lease finance is that you can purchase the more expensive furniture as you will be paying for it monthly. Then in return, you may be able to increase your rental costs per a month due to furniture that’s in there.

What type of properties can benefit from furniture lease finance?

  • Serviced Accommodations
  • Air BnB’s
  • House of Multiple Occupation (HMO)
  • Furnished Buy to Lets
  • Holiday Homes

What type of items are available on lease?

  • Sofas and chairs
  • Dining Tables, Coffee Tables, Bedside Tables and Desks
  • Beds
  • Wardrobes
  • Mattresses
  • Towels
  • Decorative items such as mirrors, lamps, artwork 

Do I Qualify?

You need to reach the minimum requirements to qualify which is your property business must operate as a LLP or a Limited company and a minimum of £2,000. 

If you’re a new start company, we have experience with helping newly formed companies with finance as we can lean on other elements to get your application across the line. 

Additionally, if you have already brought the furniture there are options available – we can potentially look at financing your furniture up to 6 months after you have purchased the assets.

What else can we help with?

We can also provide leasing finance solutions for Security Equipment, IT Hardware and Software as well Refurbishments Loans

Additionally, as we’re part of Amplo Group we can also help you with mortgages and commercial finance for your business. 

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