Tips for Furnishing your Rental Properties


When furnishing your rental properties, be it a HMO or serviced accommodation unit, it is prudent to be more practical than going with your personal preferences.

Below we go through our top tips for purchasing furnishings for your properties…

Choose items that are hard wearing and built to last!

It pays to buy decent quality furnishings that are fit for purpose. It is advisable to go with suppliers who specialise in providing furniture for the rental market. This furniture will be built with wear and tear in mind and should therefore be long lasting. The last thing you want to be doing is having to replace the bed every time a tenant moves out for example!


Choose items that are easy to clean!

As well as being hard wearing your furniture also needs to be easy to look after for it to stand the test of time. As these furnishings are going to be used by many people, they need to be easy to clean and maintain. It may therefore be advisable to go for a metal or wooden framed bed for example, rather than one covered in material. You may also choose a leather or faux-leather sofa as these can be easily wiped down, or on with removable cushion covers as these can be put in the washing machine.

Choose items that are nice but neutral! 

You want your properties to appeal to a wide range of people, it is therefore advisable to go for neutral looking furnishings. Splashes of colour are fine, but they need to be tastefully done to avoid putting off potential tenants/customers. It is also worth thinking about your use of space if the property is on the smaller side, avoid using large tables and chairs and consider alternatives such as a breakfast bar and stools for example to make the rooms feel more spacious.

Choose to use Lease Finance to get the quality and look you want!

Furnishings for your property can often be an afterthought once your refurbishments have finished. We all know in property refurbishments can often go over budget and you don’t want that to impact the quality of furniture you can provide for your tenants. Fortunately, this is where Lease Finance can save the day as it means you don’t have to fork out large amounts of capital up front. Instead, the finance company will pay your supplier directly and then you pay them back in 36 affordable monthly payments.

For more information on Lease Finance and its benefits click here.

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